Hedgehogs on a bus

Hedgehogs on a bus

Okay, stick with me here.

The title may be a little “out there,” but all will become clear.

If you have not read Jim Collins book Good to Great then you are missing out, but the next few paragraphs will give you an insight into that great book. On the other hand, if you have read it then you know what comes next……….

The Ancient Greeks said that foxes know many things, but hedgehogs know one BIG thing.

And that is simply that they know what works for them. And when they know, they just keep doing that. Whereas foxes are always darting about looking for the next big thing, often changing direction and constantly on the lookout for new ways and methods, usually for finding the next meal.

What great companies do is find out what they are good at, find out what drives their economic engine and find someone that they are passionate about. When all those three factors interlock, then, and only then can a business, or indeed an individual find its true path.

So, you have your hedgehog. Where does the bus come in?

Well, think of a business like a bus. Driving forward. And on that bus, you have your employees. Some at the front, and some at the back.

Who do you allow on your bus, when do they get off and where do they sit?

Here at Masterfix we look for people to get on our bus who have Strong Character, Similar Values to us and people who have Leadership Potential.

At some point in the journey some people (hedgehogs) will need to get off the bus for a variety of reasons. We ask ourselves two, remarkably simple, questions when that time comes. 1. Would you re-employ that person? And 2. If they asked to get off the bus, would you try and persuade them to stay on.?

Now we all have our favourite seat on the bus right, or is that just me? (3rd seat from the front on the left-hand side)

Anyway, think of where you sit people on your business bus. At the front sit people who are striving to grow the business, and at the back sit the people that are solving the business’ problem.

That is all very well. You have all your hedgehogs on the bus, in the right seats. But who is going to drive the bus?

Well at the wheel is a drive that has achieved the status of a level 5 leader. Now Mr Collins defines level 5 leadership as being a leader that should have humility and resolve. Modest and humble but never weak. Your lead hedgehog. Humble swagger if you like. (Can a hedgehog swagger?)

So, there you have it. Hedgehogs on a bus.

Buy the book, be a hedgehog, sit on the bus, with a humble swagger.

Paul Bate

Head of Talent at Masterfix

Hedgehog fan

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