Gender Pay

Our Commitment to Closing the Gender Pay Gap

At MasterFix, we understand that diversity and inclusion make for a richer, more enjoyable working environment and deliver greater innovation and better experiences for our clients and employees.

That’s why achieving diversity balance and pay parity is a core driver of our recruitment and training efforts, influencing how we attract, retain and develop a wide range of talent in our organisation.

How We Will Do It

MasterFix will achieve pay equality through living and breathing our values, conducting regular benchmarking exercises to ensure salaries are comparable regardless of gender, undertaking fair recruitment and promotion processes that focus on having the right people in the right roles.

Our key areas of focus include: 

  • Women in leadership roles - the steps we can take to establish clear and accessible pathways to progression.
  • Obtaining and taking action in feedback from our employees through workshops and engagement surveys.
  • Identifying new ways that Masterfix can become a proactive figure on diversity and inclusion within our industry.