Come along you big, beautiful weirdos!

Come along you big, beautiful weirdos!

Okay, so I borrowed the title from the English contemporary artist, writer, and broadcaster Grayson Perry. (a recent addition to my hero list)

But the phrase applies to us here at Masterfix.

I often get asked what the ideal candidate looks like for Masterfix, and I happily reply that I have absolutely no idea!

We have never been able to get everyone in the same place at the same time, but if we did you would find people of all colours, races, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. Our own collection of beautiful weirdos!

Whilst some of our roles are restricted by the fact that you need technical abilities to do a certain job, (it’s no use employing a gas engineer without a Gas Safe qualification for example) high up on our list of “look for’s” is finding nice people.

There is a white board in my office that on it is written the following things:

  1. Be Nice
  2. Do Your Job
  3. Team First
  4. Give Energy

Partly what we look for when recruiting is the above list.

Let me explain.

Be nice

People like to be with nice people, fact. Being nice costs you nothing but gets you an awful lot. We look for people that we can connect with on a human level. People with an interesting back story. People that have a story, or two, to tell.

Do your job

As I mentioned earlier, we must employ people that have the right qualifications and technical skills for a technical engineer’s role, of course we do. But more than that we look for people that we can envisage in the role. People that can do the job, either now or with some guided, Masterfix Way, training.

Team First

Masterfix is without doubt a team that relies on each other. And we truly work on the principle that sometimes you must do the right thing for the team even if it is not the best thing for you. That is what Team First means to all of us.

Give Energy

There are two types of people where energy is concerned. People that give energy and people that take energy away. We look for people that bring energy, people that have that certain spark of life, people that have a “presence”.

So, if you sound like our kind of weirdo, get in touch, and join the other big, beautiful weirdos!

Paul Bate

Head of Talent at Masterfix

And a big, beautiful weirdo.


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