Flexible working

I worked from home today, and, if I am honest, I do not like it!

I know, shock horror.

I get the benefits, do not get me wrong.

The extra time in bed, the lack of a commute, the ability to work in your own environment, and you can run the vacuum round and put a load of washing on, and no one will know, other than your partner! (Extra brownie points)

But when I work from home, I miss more things than I gain.

I quite like my commute, or least the separation it gives me between home and work.

I like being around people.

The debate will go on I know, and I know that in an ever-changing workplace there is a place for flexibility.

Here at Masterfix our core business is built around engineers out and about solving problems. Without them we do not have a business.

With that in mind we must build our support structure around the fact that a gas engineer cannot service your boiler by working in their own home!

There is no right and wrong when it comes to flexible working, but here are some things to consider before deciding on your own strategy:

  • A lot of job seekers are looking for flexible working patterns
  • If your key business focus is built upon most staff not being able to work from home (nurses, care workers, gas engineers) bare that in mind when offering non-frontline staff flexible working
  • Not everyone has an environment that is conducive to working from home, be that physical space or family circumstances
  • Consider how new starters and existing staff envelop themselves in the culture of a business
  • Consider staff’s mental wellbeing if they are working from home for prolonged periods
  • How will staff interact with, learn from their peers, and line managers?
  • How will you assess someone’s performance come appraisal time?

It is a tricky subject with no clear answers, but I know one thing for sure, I cannot wait to be in the office tomorrow!

Posted by: Masterfix