The key to customer satisfaction

Here at Masterfix our mission statement is clear: to provide exceptional property care.

This applies not only to the fantastic workmanship of our engineers and tradespeople, but also the relationships we build with our customers- many of whom are facing challenging circumstances within their own homes.

One such member of staff who has been receiving stand-out feedback has been Adrian Fazakas. Contracts Manager Adrian joined our Insurance Reinstatement team earlier this year and hit the ground running, picking up complex cases and immersing himself in the Masterfix way of business.

The Masterfix insurance team occupy a client-facing position in the insurance reinstatement chain.

We come in at the behest of the insurance company and carry out the repairs as specified in the scope of works.

Our Contracts Managers put together a team, liaise with the policy holder and oversee the job from start to finish.

This often means they are the first people in the chain that the policy holder meets and gets to know, and can at times be a lightening rod for any issues that have arisen previously.

For experts such as Adrian, this is a challenge to relish, and the reward of customer satisfaction brings each job to a fulfilling conclusion.

The trick to being an excellent Contracts Manager, according to Adrian, is simple: communicate, communicate, communicate.

At the start of each job our Contracts Managers speak with the customer and explain clearly what works are to be done, how they are to be done and when to expect them to be done.  It’s especially important, according to Adrian, to not overpromise and keep expectations realistic. Customers appreciate honesty and when you are working in people’s homes trust is an invaluable part of that relationship. Adrian speaks with his customers every two days and is always available if any problems arise, creating consistency and reliability for the policy holder.

However all the good will and wise words in the world do not a cracked wall fix, so it is equally important for Contracts Managers to be equipped with the knowledge and the right team to get the job done. Adrian makes a point to credit the skills and professionalism of our dedicated team of tradespeople- he selects each team according to their strengths and expertise. The quality and finish reflected in the end result of each job ensures our customers can sleep easy knowing the damage to their homes has been soundly repaired.

However, at the end of the day we do what we do for our customers, and we should let them speak for themselves. One of the compliments Adrian especially valued came from a customer who had been through a particularly difficult time, and had elements of her home she wished to be cared for and preserved at all costs. After dealing with several companies and many individuals during her claim she noted “by far the most efficient, thoughtful and really kind of all these people was Adrian Fazakas from Masterfix by miles.”

Posted by: Masterfix