A Masterfix Life

Ian is a Masterfix stalwart, one of the good guys.

His Masterfix longevity plays a major part in that status (8 years) but that is not the whole story

I caught up Ian to fill in the gaps.


Outside of work Ian loves nothing better than messing about on boats. Being the captain of his own ship is a classic metaphor for his role at Masterfix. 

As a Project Manager Ian is tasked with running projects from initial enquiry through to hand over and final account agreement.

Something that attracted him to the role initially and certainly plays a major role in keeping him engaged in his role 8 years in.

“I love the pride of driving past a building in London and saying to my wife, Jane, “I built that”’ Ian tells me over a cup of coffee on a balmy August afternoon in a break between projects.


But what is it that Ian loves about working for Masterfix?

“It’s the fact that we are a really open and collaborative business, both internally and with our customers” Ian tells me.


As a statesman of the Masterfix brand I asked Ian what advice he would give a new starter joining the business as a Project Manager.

“Build relationships with customers, communicate efficiently and build a good team around you.” Good advice.


Masterfix was formed 13 years ago, and Ian has spent 8 years here, so what has changed in his time with the business?

“The ability to work from anywhere due to technology has meant that you don’t have to fixed to a location or a desk, you can work from home, on site and even on the train, which is a big bonus, for me as well as the business”


What Ian is far too modest to tell you is that he would think nothing of going to check in with his team on his day off if he thought that they needed support. He is always happy to share his knowledge with the team but also, he is not afraid to seek advice from less experienced staff.


That commitment and dedication has served him and Masterfix well.


So, what does the future hold?

“Continual change will be just that, but technology, especially in building management is rapidly changing the landscape. But the personal touch will always take you a long way”

Too true.


So how will Ian be celebrating his anniversary?


Well, you might have guessed, it is back to boats.


Ian is taking his wife for an overnight stay to visit Gloucester Docks, courtesy of Masterfix of course. Just a small way that we can thank Ian for his dedication and commitment to the business.

Enjoy the voyage, Skipper! 

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