Partnership Opportunities

One of the many reasons for our continued growth and success here at Masterfix is the breadth and depth with which we have built our skills base.

The dynamic nature of our business means we need to ensure we have the right people to send out in any situation.

Be that a busy restaurant experiencing a peak-hours lunchtime flood, a four story townhouse that’s lost power just before bedtime, a high-turnover retail store looking to fulfil all its compliance requirements in one go.. or even a family home on a quiet residential street experiencing that all too common London problem of subsidence that will require one of our teams to carry out extensive work over a few weeks.

The variety of scenarios, projects, and perils on which we work to rectify means we require a variety of tradespeople and their teams to get the jobs done as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

While most of our engineers and service partners come to us as individuals, within our Insurance Reinstatement and Projects divisions we are increasingly looking for small businesses operating as teams to join us as service partners.

Partnering with Masterfix would allow your business to benefit from a regular stream of rewarding work while allowing you to maintain your operational independence, own clients, and freedom in regard to the work you undertake.

On top of this there is the added bonus of all the time-consuming administrative concerns that come with invoicing, chasing for payment, quoting and estimates to be done by us- allowing you to focus on getting the job done and managing your team.

Our friendly and professional team of chartered surveyors work close with insurance companies and loss adjustors on a wide range of building reinstatement works within Greater London and the surrounding areas and demand for our services is increasing due to the quality outcome we ensure with every project.

Sending out close-knit teams of building experts allows us to get works done quickly and with minimal inconvenience to policy holders. Behind many home insurance claims are families, homeowners and tenants experiencing stressful and traumatic upheavals in their everyday lives.

Here at Masterfix we want the journey back to security and normality at home to be as smooth and expeditious as possible, so if you feel that your team of tradespeople can help us, and our clients, in getting then there we would love to hear from you.

Our flexible and dedicated Insurance Reinstatement team can help identify the best partnership for your business and ours to get you out there doing what you do best, and our clients back home safely, in no time at all.

Ella Broughal

Talent Coordinator

Posted by: Masterfix