Come for the Brand and stay for the Culture

Come for the Brand and stay for the Culture

Here at Masterfix our focus is on single source maintenance services, working with residential property managers, owners of multiple dwellings in London and commercial premises facilities managers.

Since our formation in 2009 our aim has been to deliver exceptional property maintenance services.

Masterfix’s vision is to become a household name in the residential and commercial property management sectors, delivering exceptional building maintenance services around the clock, in an increasingly wider geographical sphere, all in support of long-term client relationships built on trust and reliability

This is our Brand, and we are very proud of it!

As part of our recruitment process, we talk a lot about the Brand and assess how candidates will, or indeed, will not, fit into our Brand.

And, quite rightly, we encourage candidates to assess if our Brand fits their personal beliefs, their Personal Brand.

If the two align, then bingo!

Increasingly Brand is a key factor in people’s choice of employer as much as it is in choosing the Brand of car they drive or the Brand of clothing that they choose to wear.

But attracting candidates is only half the story.

Keeping employee’s, reducing staff churn, is fundamentally key to our any business’ success, here at Masterfix we are no different.

But how do you do that?

Like all businesses we have a business strategy and goals.

But how many employees stay with a business because they love the business strategy? Not many right?

There is a famous Peter Drucker quote that says that "culture eats strategy for breakfast".

Here at Masterfix we agree. Mr Drucker was a clever man, why wouldn’t we agree!

But how do you sum up a business culture, it’s a non-tangible, moveable, personal entity.

So, I asked some of our team to sum it up in.

Here is a sample of some of their replies, well the relatively unfiltered version!

Hardworking, fast paced, interesting, busy, surprising, determined, eventful and varied.

Like all cultures it isn’t all a bed of roses, and whoever tells you it is isn’t giving you the whole story.

And our culture isn’t for everyone.

We spend part of our interview process trying to convince people not to join us!

But our culture has been built over our 13 years of trading and will continue to evolve as we grow the business.

But who owns the business culture? Well, the simple answer is that everyone does. But, in all the businesses that I have worked in, the cultural tone of a business is set by the people leading the business, and by that I don’t necessarily mean the Big Boss. Anyone that manages anyone oversees their piece of the culture.

So, when you are choosing a new place of work, check out the Brand, see if it fits with your personal Brand. But if you are seriously considering joining a business try to ask as many questions as you can about the culture.

Because you may want to join for the love of the Brand, but you will stay because you love the Culture.

Paul Bate

Head of Talent at Masterfix

Posted by: Masterfix